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Popular Gym Equipment and Machines That are Helpful

Any modern gym is supposed to have some essential equipment. Forget about the bikes that were creaky and improvised weights made from cement filled in containers. Currently, expect to get rowing machines, bikes, treadmills, hack squat machine, cable and pulley stations to mention but a few. The following pieces of equipment are helpful when you visit the gym.

Pull up frame

woman in gymThese pull up frames can either be stand-alone or fixed into another frame. The pull-up frame is useful for arms and back exercises. The exercises will be excellent when the grip varies from facing into facing away. You can change the position of the body and grip.

It is ideal for workouts that target the cardio and muscles. The main advantage of the pull-up frame is that it is easily assembled and disassembled. This makes it possible to carry it away without much fuss.

Assisted Dip Workstation

The assisted dip workstation is made up of a knee pad that slides and grips. These grips are at the pull-up and dip positions. You stand on the machine and clutch on the handles, test the pressure of the pad by kneeling on it and clutching the handles. Having tested the pressure and you are comfortable with it, do at least 10 repetitions. It is advisable to have an assistant when doing dips for triceps or pulling up for the back and arms. This is ideal for beginners who are a tad too weak especially on the upper body.

Recumbent Bicycle

This bicycle places the rider in a reclining position while lying on his back. Lying in this position allows the rider to distribute his weight on the back and buttocks uniformly. You ride while in a relaxed mode sitting in a mesh-like seat while your feet are at the front. A lot of recumbent models usually have aerodynamic benefit. This means that body is an inclined position. The good thing is that you can compare Schwinn 230 vs 270 recumbent bikes with ease if you need to buy one for your home gym. All you need is to visit a reputable review site.

Cable Lat Pull Down Device

gym centerThis exercise is done using a cable machine where a weighted cable is pulled to the face level. This puling helps the lats Dorsi muscles which are primarily responsible for transverse extension and rotation of the shoulder joint. These exercises also help in the improvement of the lower back stability. When you sit at the station, grab the horizontal bar using the overhand grip.

Always ensure that the arms are entirely in a position that is straight and the torso in an upright position. Next, ensure that the shoulder blades are pulled down, and the bar brought close to the chest. Pause and then return from you started from.

Seated Cable Row

There is a platform where you sit on and clutch a handle. You then pull the handle towards yourself as you maintain a suitable form. Ensure that the back is straight when you are squeezing the blades of the shoulder. The weight is adjusted using pins. The latissimus dorsi muscles on the back are targeted.

Finally, before you start using any gym equipment consult the instructor on the type of exercise you want to do. Different equipment is for different activities.